(12, 2016)

I am actively developing my first large-scale video game production, titled Pression. For more information, head over to our website.


Pression is a psychological first­-person graphic adventure through the mind of Norah Walker. The game is broken down into a series of tests and puzzles that the player must pass in order to progress forward. Tests and puzzles are representative of different aspects of fear as well as key events in Norah’s own memories, which in turn affect her state of being. The object of the game is for the player (Norah) to be able to express her fear and anger and make it to the other side of the tests, thereby moving past her pain and confusion and finding emotional strength.

Pression follows the life of Norah Walker, a small­town reporter living in 2010 Pennsylvania, eight years after the death of her mother. Racked with pain, guilt, and a panicked feeling that her mother never truly loved her, she searches through her mind to figure out a way to resolve their issues, passing through childhood memories and pained moments in her adolescence until the dreaded funeral she attended at 24 years old. Norah must then learn to express her grief and anger in a healthy way that, while not resolving her issues with her mother, helps to resolve her issues with herself.

Key Features

  • Exploration of mental health, family dynamics, and personal growth
  • Strong narrative focus
  • Exploration- and puzzle-based gameplay
  • Emphasis on player thoughts and emotions, and their effects on perception

Current Team

Tessa Berliner: Creative Director, Producer, Writer
Corey Hoard: Creative Director, Producer, Software Developer
Celia Pearce: Advisor

Original Concept

Corey Hoard, Ashley Sullivan, Julia Wlochowski

Original Prototype

Corey Hoard, Tessa Berliner, Julia Wlochowski, Ashley Sullivan, J.D. Peckham, Craig Hammond, Matthew Gray, Joshua Gross