(02, 2017)

MONOLITH is a limited-run lamp that I designed and fabricated for a client. The lamp features 128 RGBW LEDs housed in a Bolivian Rosewood case.

The lamp is capable of displaying solid colors, video playback, and interactive generated images. Rather than the flashy rainbow effects typical of RGBW lighting, MONOLITH focuses on warm, gently-evolving color-scapes that mimic candlelight, shimmering water, a forest canopy, and the Aurora. Optional WiFi connectivity also allows MONOLITH to display information like the day’s weather.

In constructing the lamp’s housing, I combined laser cutting with traditional woodworking methods. The lamp features a custom-made PCB built around a 120Mhz ARM Cortex M3 processor. A custom high-quality spatiotemporal dithering algorithm provides 40 bits of color per pixel. The software is designed to be highly fault-tolerant, including robust local and remote debugging and integrated thermal control. Though currently unused, a number of expansion ports are included for connection to an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and current monitor.


Pictures and video coming soon!