Hungry Henry 3D

(12, 2013)

CS Fundamentals saw the rise of Hungry Henry, a cupcake-crazed fool on a never-ending quest to fill his insatiable stomach.

From the first HUNGRY HENRY, specified in Problem Set 4, to the evil robot-infested HUNGRY HENRY II: Electric Boogaloo, to the epic clone-showdown of HUNGRY HUNRY III: THE HENRY GAMES – A Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Henry has been chasing cupcakes to the end of the world and back.

The Hungry Henry saga continues in…


In this latest installment, Henry has been cast down into the depths, imprisoned in the sprawling, damp, fungus-infested caves beneath his faceless workplace. In other words, he’s looking for the cupcakes he stashed in his office.

Game engine? What game engine? This state-of-the-art game is built using a custom-made renderer featuring terrible, deliberately inefficient 1993 ray-marching graphics technology. Features dynamic, realtime lighting. Map data is stored as an image; no polygons, just brute-force image calculations performed independently per pixel. Took about a day of work. No, you can’t play it; it’s truly terrible, I promise.

Will you be the first to eat them all, or will Henry… Go Hungry? ®

Selected praise:

“Beautiful!” — Dr. Matthias Felleisen, professor of computer science at Northeastern University

“Dear God, someone get this kid a Northeastern CCIS B.S. in Computer Science, stat!” — Christopher Freeley, CS Fundamentals teaching assistant

“I am so done.” — Jacqueline Ali, computer science student at Northeastern University