Farmer Horse Coffee

(09, 2016)

I was commissioned by the Boston-area art collective The Space Gazebo to create a series of sculptures and prints for use at an open mic night event at Farmer Horse Coffee. In total, I exhibited a series of 13 works under the theme “Construct, Deconstruct, Reconstruct: The Loom as Text.” These pieces attempt to examine the nature of order, disorder, and change using the both the loom and the action of weaving itself as a case study. Each piece presents the loom through a unique lens, the mutability of forms signifying the various roles weaving has had throughout history as a tool for negotiating existence, social bonding, cultural dominance, artistic expression, industrialization, and radicalization.

Works exhibited:

  • Untitled 1. 2014. Pencil on Paper.
  • Con/sensus. 2016. Twine, Spruce.
  • Unbleached. 2016. Twine, Spruce, Copper.
  • Nine Meditations on Sociality. 2016. Twine.
  • Logistics as Cultural Memory. 2015. Paper, Flesh.
  • Mathic Order. 2015. Paper, Flesh.
  • Filial I, II, XI. 2015. Egg, Gelatin.
  • A Prolonger. 2016. Twine, Fabric, Acrylic on Wood.
  • A Delayer. 2016. Fabric, Spruce, Acrylic on Canvas.
  • A Mathematical Instrument. 2016. Twine, Spruce, Copper, Steel, Plastic.
  • 1801.  2016. Twine, Spruce, Copper.
  • Thrice I Dreamt of Foucault. 2016. Twine, Spruce, Copper, Plastic.
  • Two Workers Dancing in the Skies Over Pyatigorsk, February 1917. 2016. Twine, Copper, Newsprint, Acrylic on Canvas.