An Unwash’t Seashell in the Flowery Court of Nothing

(01, 2017)

An Unwash’t Seashell in the Flowery Court of Nothing is a mixed-media performance piece combining poetry, music, and visuals. The work is an exploration into the power of computer-generated artwork and is a collaboration between myself and custom-written generative software.


It is a dance of content and context, a love affair between human and machine, in an attempt to break down the notions of authorship and creativity. With words provided by software and meaning provided by human, neither part could exist without the other.

Much of the motivation behind collaborating with a computer was to force both the authors and the reader to explore the potential uses of words outside their familiar structures and meanings. A machine has knowledge of meaning, but lacks the culture, connotation, and tradition that drive typical selections of words. Consequently, words end up used in novel and unexpected ways that — they hope — would not otherwise have been considered by a human author alone.

An Unwash’t Seashell in the Flowery Court of Nothing is performed live with accompanying generative music and visuals intended to immerse viewers in a surreal audiovisual experience.

Video coming soon. Transcripts available on request.